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Namaste  - Welcome to you

The smile you send out will return to you.

(Indian proverb)

I am very pleased to welcome you to my website of the Ayurveda Naturheilpraxis Hinder. The practice is only a 5-10 minute walk from Bülach train station.

The aim of the practice is  To support people to stay in their balance or to find it again, to increase their own perception of the body and to strengthen their own decision-making power (= buddhi). What is good for me? What do I enjoy? What do I want to change? What does my body want to tell me? Gynecology and paediatrics are very important to me, as I am a mother myself.


Tanja Hinder-Wittlin
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With the "ancient knowledge of life", the  Ayurveda, and my distinctive perception, I support and accompany people on their way. Through an individual and holistic approach, the whole person, body-mind-soul, is treated or diseases are prevented through:

- Nutritional advice

- Lifestyle analysis  

- mental state

- massage therapy

- exit proceedings

- Herbal Medicine

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"Nature is the best pharmacy"

Familie zu Fuß am Strand
Glückliches Baby
Therapy methods
Therapy topics

Since I myself am the mother of 2 great girls, my heart burns for children, women and family studies .....

Baby massage

Touch with respect, get to know your baby even better ...

With an individual and holistic approach, the therapy or treatment is tailored to you.

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