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Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions of Ayurveda Naturheilpraxis, Tanja Hinder


Contact / content responsibility
Tanja Hinder, naturopath
  52, 8180 Bülach
078 658 57 79

All content on the homepage is the property of the person responsible for the content.

All services of the Ayurveda Gesundheitspraxis Hinder are subject to the general terms and conditions, unless these have been changed or supplemented by written agreements.


§1 conclusion of contract

1st The treatment contract is concluded when the patient accepts the alternative practitioner's offer to practice medicine and makes an appointment for diagnosis, advice and therapy. The contract can come about through an express declaration or through conclusive behavior. It can also be closed orally.

2 . The alternative practitioner is entitled to reject a treatment contract without giving reasons, in particular if a necessary relationship of trust cannot be expected and if it concerns complaints that the alternative practitioner cannot or may not treat due to her specialization or for legal reasons. In this case, the non-medical practitioner's fee claim for the services including advice provided up to the point of rejection is retained.

§2 Content and purpose of the treatment contract

1st The alternative practitioner is in possession of the permit to practice medicine without medical approval and carries out her work, ie diagnosis, advice and treatment, for the benefit of the patient.

2. As a rule, HP uses methods that are not recognized by conventional medicine. A promise of healing must not and cannot be given.

3 . Liability claims are therefore not to be derived for possible consequences.

4th The patient has the right to decide freely about diagnostic and therapeutic procedures after he has been comprehensively informed by the alternative practitioner about the applicable methods and their advantages and disadvantages in technical and economic terms.

5 . The non-medical practitioner must be unmistakably informed of any rejection of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on the part of the patient.

§ 3 Confidentiality / data protection / confidentiality / ethics

1. The patient data necessary for the therapy are saved by the Ayurveda Naturheilpraxis with the consent of the patient and stored in accordance with the documentation requirements of the place of residence.

2. HP treats the patient data confidentially and only provides information with regard to the diagnosis, the advice, the therapy as well as the accompanying circumstances and the personal circumstances of the patient with the express written consent of the patient.

3. Paragraph (1) does not apply if HP is obliged to pass on the data due to legal regulations - for example, the obligation to report certain diagnoses - or is obliged to provide information by order of an official or a court order. This also applies to information given to legal guardians, but not to information given to spouses, relatives or family members.

4. I work according to the VSAMT ethical guidelines .

§ 4 participation

1. The patient is obliged to actively participate in the treatment process. The HP is entitled to break off a therapy session if the necessary relationship of trust is no longer guaranteed, in particular if the patient provides incorrect or incomplete information on the anamnesis and diagnosis, or if he / she does not perform tasks and therapy measures are thus thwarted. The fee claim of HP remains in full for the canceled session.

§5 Appointments

1. Make an appointment: Appointments can be made Monday-Friday by phone or email. If the call is not answered, please leave a message and the telephone number. The callback will take place as soon as possible. The telephone is not used during the treatment. We reserve the right to make changes to the therapy times.

2. Initial consultation: During the initial consultation, a detailed anamnesis is drawn up, in which 60-90 minutes should be included in order to be able to work conscientiously and individually. This does not include massages for prevention.

3. The customer has the right to withdraw from a booked appointment free of charge by phone or email up to 24 hours before the start of the appointment. Otherwise, the treatment or therapy will be charged. The Hinder Health Practice reserves the right to cancel appointments at short notice in urgent cases.

4th If you are late, the treatment time will be reduced accordingly. If there is then time for an extension to the full duration, this can be claimed for a corresponding fee.

§6 Payment by the patient

1.  The alternative practitioner is entitled to a fee for her services. Billing is based on tariff 590 per 5 min. Unit.

2. The patient can find the prices for the individual services on the homepage of the Ayurveda Naturheilpraxis Hinder.

3. In some cases, the services of the alternative practitioner are covered by private health insurance or private supplementary insurance. The patient is obliged to inquire about the assumption of costs with his private health insurance or supplementary insurance.

4th Regardless of the amount of the services reimbursed by the health insurance fund, the patient undertakes to pay the agreed total amount (fee) listed in the invoice in full after the treatment with the card (Maestro, Postcard) or, in exceptional cases, with a payment slip within 14 Days to pay to the naturopath. The patient receives a receipt for the immediate payment.

5. The dispensing of drugs by pharmacies to the patient for prescribed or recommended drugs is a direct transaction that is not covered by these terms and conditions and that has no influence on HP's fee and invoice structure. This also applies to over-the-counter medicines, food supplements and other aids that are recommended or prescribed by HP and obtained by patients from relevant sales outlets. The patient has a free choice of pharmacy or point of sale. HP is not allowed to grant any reimbursements or benefits for pharmacy-only drugs.

6th The invoice for submission to the tax office, for the reimbursement of costs for private or supplementary insurance or for your own safekeeping contains the name and address of the alternative practitioner as well as the name, address and possibly the patient's date of birth. The invoice also specifies the treatment period, the fee to be paid or already paid, third-party and ancillary services.

7th Vouchers are transferable to another person,  however, they will not be paid out in cash or any remaining amount will be reimbursed.

§7 Treatment Limits

By law, naturopaths are not allowed to perform certain activities or treat certain diseases. In these cases, we reserve the right to forward them to the relevant specialist staff.

§8 disclaimer

My treatments and consultations do not replace a visit to the doctor. In the event of uncertainty, the consent of the doctor must be obtained. No responsibility is assumed for: the independent withdrawal from conventional medical therapies and medication; the flare-up of hidden diseases present, whether known or unknown to the patient; Effects due to inaccurate, missing declaration of known risks or previous burdens in the anamnesis; reduced success due to therapy discontinued too early; failing to do therapeutic homework. No guarantee is given for a suggested application, dosage or a specific procedure on this homepage. Every user is required to carefully check whether the given recommendations and guidelines are applicable to him in a specific case. Any dosage, application or method is at the user's own risk. No healing promises are made.

  §9 contract termination

1. HP is entitled to terminate the treatment contract at any time for the reasons stated in § 1 (1). In this case, HP remains entitled to the fee for the services provided up to the termination of the contract.

2. The patient is entitled to terminate the treatment contract at any time. HP's claim to fees remains in place until the patient terminates the contract.


§ 10 place of jurisdiction and responsible health authority

1. Disagreements arising from the treatment contract should be settled amicably. To this end, it is advisable to initially submit counter-ideas, differing opinions or complaints to the other contracting party orally or, if necessary, in writing.

2 . In the event of a disagreement that cannot be settled amicably despite all efforts on both sides, the place of jurisdiction is the local court of the practice location.

§11 final provisions
Contents of the homepage as well as the terms and conditions can be changed or deleted in whole or in part at any time without notice.

§ 12 Severability Clause

1st Should individual provisions of the treatment contract be or become invalid, the effectiveness of the treatment contract as a whole remains unaffected. Rather, the invalid provision is to be replaced in a free interpretation by a provision that comes closest to the purpose of the contract and the will of the parties at the time the contract was concluded.  

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