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Type-specific nutritional advice according to Ayurveda

adapted to everyday life, season, time of day .....

type-specific nutritional advice

Proper nutrition is very important in Ayurveda . The food has an impact on the body, mind and soul, i.e. physically and mentally. In diseases, nutrition is used as a remedy. With the food, what and how we eat, we decide for ourselves how the effect on the quality and characteristics of our constitution, performance and zest for life is.

The right diet is adapted to your constitution, your lifestyle and the time of year. In a personal conversation, we will put together a nutritional concept for you according to your needs, which you can implement in everyday life. The result of a suitable type of diet is more performance and energy and the activation of self-healing powers .

Ayurvedic nutritional advice:

- is type-appropriate

- takes into account the phases of life, seasons and times of the day

- differentiates between physical, emotional and mental modes of action

- is adapted to the individual taste and culture

- is suitable for everyday use

- is medicine

Are you interested and want to try something new? Lose weight or do you have a specific concern? Then write to me.

Would you like to know more about Ayurveda and Vata, Pitta, Kapha?

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