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Desire to have children

Do you want to prepare for pregnancy or do you need support?

Draufsicht der Kinder spielen


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Pregnancy & puerperium

Accompaniment and support during pregnancy and the puerperium

Schwedische Massage


Subject areas


Baby massage

The importance of touch and baby massage

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Desire to have children

As a mum and wife, it is particularly important to me to pass on my knowledge to women and children.

What many do not know, the mental and physical state of a woman at the time of conception already has a great influence on the unborn child. In the case of a girl, even on the quality of the approximately 400,000 egg cells, as these are already formed during pregnancy. Thus, a pregnant woman with a female fetus has an impact on the next two generations. Therefore, women should address their personal needs during pregnancy, which is often not that easy in everyday life. It is therefore important to increase the quality of the egg cell in women as well as the quality of sperm cells in men. In addition, to cleanse and build up the female body before moving in and to prepare mentally for conception together so that the child can then move into the apartment.

Who would want to move into a dirty apartment and should then also feel comfortable? The same is true for the fertilized egg. In order for it to nestle well, it needs a "clean" environment. well-nourished mother's tissues and the best possible mental balance.

The topic of having children , which can really mess up your life. I myself know how difficult it can be not to get pregnant despite the great desire / longing for it. I am happy to support you as a couple or individually in this complex matter and I look forward to accompanying and supporting you, individually tailored to you.

Would you like to optimally prepare for a pregnancy or do you need support?

Then I would be happy to advise you.

Schwangerschaft & Wochenbett

Pregnancy & puerperium

Not only before pregnancy does the quality of the egg and sperm have an influence on the embryo, but also during pregnancy it is very important that the expectant mother feels good and can prepare herself mentally and physically for the birth.


I am happy to accompany you during pregnancy with beneficial pregnancy massages, nutritional advice and general tips for pregnancy.

In the same way, I am at your side in bed with tips, massage and nutritional advice and will be happy to support you.


Are you interested? Then I would be happy to create a package for you, with postpartum care and baby massage on request ..... Contact me.

Baby massage

"Touch is one of the basic human needs"

With the baby massage you get to know your baby even better. During this nice togetherness you will perceive your baby intensely, recognize its signals and thereby strengthen the bond with the baby and your parenting skills. In addition, it is a valuable time with the baby, stress hormones are broken down and relaxation hormones are released. This in turn leads to an improved sleep rhythm and increases the production of breast milk. You get to know other parents and can exchange ideas.

Your baby feels respected, loved, secure and receives intensive contact with mom and dad. The baby's whole body is stimulated (nervous system, digestion, hormones, immune system, language development, muscle development, etc.). Relaxation also helps with flatulence, colic, teething, mental tension, growth and heavy mucus.

I would be happy to show you the baby massage and advise you on the oils at home or in your practice.

Papis are also very welcome.



Children are wonderful and should be accepted as they are. You need your parents, who will encourage and support you in what you do and what you are and who will take care of you when things don't go smoothly. Especially at this time when there is so much overstimulation, they need support, security and love. Touch is extremely important for babies and children.  For us parents, however, this is not always easy. That is why paediatrics and everything else that goes with it are very important to me and I am happy when I can welcome your child to my practice with or without the parents for a massage, treatment or consultation.

Puberty, stress,

High sensitivity, ADHD, autism

recurring symptoms,

or you would like to support your child in a general manner

and learn more about it from Ayurveda?

With the knowledge of Ayurveda I can help you and your child

Advice and support individually and according to type.  


As a woman and mother, I am happy to advise and support you in women's matters.

Do you have symptoms before, during or after menstruation?

Menopausal symptoms?

or other complaints?

With Ayurveda, your complaints can be recorded and treated holistically.

I am happy to advise and support you in your concerns after a

detailed survey individually and according to type.

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