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Certified naturopath in Ayurveda medicine 

About me



  • until 2007 bank employee

  • until 2010 employed by the municipality of Bülach

  • 2010 birth of first daughter

  • 2012 course instructor for baby and children’s swimming

  • 2013 Baby Massage Course Leader IAIM Switzerland

  • 2014 birth of second daughter

  • 2015 Naturopath Ayurveda Medicine (in training)

  • 2017 Ayurveda massage practitioner

  • 2018 Ayurveda nutrition and health advisor

  • 2018 Opening of our own Ayurveda naturopathic practice in Bülach

  • 2021 Certified Naturopath in Ayurvedic Medicine: Diploma , Certificate OdA

  • 2021 Yoga nidra training

Recognized by:

  • EMR: ZSR-No .: P318863 with Ayurveda medicine (nutrition, massage, affusions, medicinal herbs ...) certificate

  • ASCA: ZSR-No .: P318863 with Ayurveda medicine (nutrition, affusions, massage, medicinal herbs ...) certificate

  • EGK: with Ayurvedic medicine such as EMR,  Therapists No. 38709 , ZSR-No .: P318863, certificate

Member of:

Tanja Hinder-Wittlin

My desire and need to work with children has been there since childhood. Nevertheless, I decided to travel first and finally to do a banking apprenticeship. The interest in contact and the anatomy of humans as well as my curiosity and the questioning of many things continued to accompany me.

When my children came into the world, I knew that I had filled my backpack in this field of work and wanted to fill my backpack from another area from which the family could also benefit.  

During a conversation I came up with the idea of becoming a course instructor for baby and children's swimming. However, I knew that something else had to come that would fulfill me even more.

Thanks to several simultaneous conditions, I arrived at the holistic Ayurveda naturopathic medicine & energy work.  

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that through my children I have regained my intuition and to be able to support people on their way. As a mother, I am particularly interested in paediatrics and gynecology.  

I was finally able to finish my almost 6-year Ayurveda medicine degree and am really looking forward to applying all of my knowledge, developing myself further and being able to accompany and support many people on their way.

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