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In one of the oldest healing arts, the  Ayurveda, I have found exactly what I have always been looking for. A system that provides simple, plausible resources and solutions from and in harmony with nature, so that body, mind and soul are in a holistic balance  - called "Savivadha" in Sanskrit - find your way back. There is an interaction between body, mind and soul . That means, when I am mentally very stressed, this also has an influence on the body, for example heart palpitations, hormone release and then again on the psyche. This creates a cycle and, due to this constant imbalance, symptoms, complaints and diseases on all levels in the long term. Therefore, all three components are always included in the therapy.

The focus of Ayurveda is prevention, preventing getting sick and activating self-healing powers. In everyday life, the pressure to perform and time is often so high and there is a habit of going to the doctor quickly, taking medication and moving on .....

But why do you get "sick"? Symptoms are nothing more than the language of the body, which translates the psyche:

"You go first," says the soul to the body. "He doesn't listen to me, maybe he listens to you". "I'll get sick, then he'll have time for you and listen to you," replies the body.

by Ulrich Schaffer

Learning to listen to your own body again, to follow your intuition, to appreciate yourself and to love yourself, to strengthen your body, mind and soul and at the same time to prevent diseases is the aim of my practice. Of course, my therapies and treatments are not a substitute for a doctor. I work with doctors where this is necessary or beneficial.

With the knowledge of Ayurveda and to the best of my knowledge and conscience, attention is paid to all your symptoms and complaints based on a detailed first anamnesis, these are then sorted and merged according to Ayurveda. A therapy plan will then be drawn up together, in which you can actively participate in order to meet your individual needs. This is implemented step by step, adjusted again and progress is continuously evaluated. Honesty, own compliance (discipline) and trust are the basis for a successful therapy.

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