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Appointment / important information

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  • For a good individual and type-appropriate treatment and / or advice, but also for the massage, it is important that I receive correct and up-to-date information from you.

  • Since I work therapeutically and holistically as an Ayurveda doctor, the first consultation with the anamnesis (questioning) usually takes between 1.5 - 2 hours, with a massage the anamnesis (questioning) takes about 30-60 minutes Therapy / treatment carried out, including manual therapies. You get on that       1st appointment 30% introductory discount.

  • During the first consultation, a treatment order will be worked out with you and with each further consultation, if necessary, it will be redefined or adjusted.

  • My treatments and consultations do not replace a visit to the doctor . In the event of uncertainty, the consent of the doctor must be obtained.

  • I work according to the VSAMT ethical guidelines.

  • After the full body massage, you can shower off the remaining oil. Please take a scarf and hat with you, especially in the cold season, as you can be particularly sensitive to cold and wind after the treatment.

  • After massages and diversions, stress, too much sun and draft / cold, eating too heavy and lifting heavy objects should be avoided. With diversions resp. Therapies, you will receive further important information separately.

  • NO therapies are given during menstruation . For the IF massages then only head and face massage. Since the body is already exiting during this time and does not need any additional exertion.



How to get there:

  • There are visitor parking spaces behind the house

  • Enter the following address in the navigation system:

  • Enter Sonnmattstrasse , everything along the way and

                             Pass the garage on the right and the visitor parking spaces are on the left

Cancellation / delay

  • Appointments can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance or in urgent emergencies. Otherwise the booked treatment time will be charged.

  • Please arrive in good time for your appointment. In the case of a directly following appointment, by a next client, the missed treatment time cannot be added and will be charged normally for the booked period.

Tariff / Payment:

  • Tariff: 140 CHF / 60 min., Billed per 5 min.

  • If you pay by card (Maestro, credit card, Postcard ...), an invoice can also be issued if the reason is appropriate. No cash payment possible.

  • The invoice is payable within 14 days of the invoice date.

  • The treatment time required is calculated per 5 minutes according to tariff 590

  • My therapies are recognized by most health insurances with additional insurance EMR, ASCA, EGK.  Please inquire beforehand with your health insurance company whether part of the treatment will be covered. My ZSR No. is P318863.

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