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Why yoga nidra for children?

Children are naturally interested and want to learn and try out.  

Everyday life is filled with school, hobbies and possibly external care from an early age and they have so many impressions to process every day that it is not always easy for the children to process and integrate everything.

Nowadays there is also the overstimulation caused by digital media, which totally overwhelm or overwhelm the children's senses. overexcite and overwhelm.

You need time for processing, free play, boredom, respectively. quiet moments / phases in everyday life to recharge your batteries and relax.  

Yoga nidra promotes unconscious learning and helps to store learned content in the subconscious.

It also helps him to process and integrate the many information, experiences, etc. of the day in a simple way.  

Yoga nidra also promotes :


In this way, the child gets to know himself and his needs even better and strengthens his self-confidence. It gets to know itself better on the physical, mental and emotional level and how to deal with itself.  

There are many adults who do not know themselves and their needs. If the awareness of oneself is encouraged in childhood, it can effortlessly cope with further challenges and enjoy life with ease.

  • creativity

  • concentration

  • to get out of yourself with calm children and to stand up for yourself

  • to calm down in active children

  • Learning process

  • Self-awareness

  • To find solution strategies

  • Linking knowledge

  • self-consciousness

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